Fighting For Me

You will see something you loved ripped down with sledgehammers and then pulled apart- piece by piece.  All things fall apart. Our hearts break. Our hopes get crushed. Nothing remains untarnished and untouched. I am a torn down building of broken dreams. My heart- a door barricaded with rocks and rubble.

But I will tell you a secret.  Behind the fence, amongst all of the pieces of my broken past a hungry eyed child still dwells. She peers out of the rubble with binoculars and magnifies the road ahead. Her mouth is open in surprise and wonder.


This post was inspired by The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge- The Road Taken.  As I have said before I love to wander the streets of my city and I enjoy being pleasantly surprised or challenged by aptly placed street art.

I am happy to say that after a little internet research I have figured out who the artist is that creates the  hearts shown in these photos. Her name is Amber Lynn aka Amberella.  You can learn more about her here. You can follow her on instagram too at @amberellaxo.

I have no idea who did the child with the binoculars but I like the juxtaposition of the two very different artists styles.  Together they helped me  create a little story.

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