About Becoming Vivid

Becoming Vivid is about pushing for clarity, for brightness, for a clear sharp self- awareness grounded in radical honesty.  It is about forcing oneself out of “the comfort zone”- that soft cozy noose wrapped around all of your dreams and secret passions.

It is about stepping into the looming face of fear and failure.  Yes- failure.  And awkwardness. And exposure. And hopefully… change.  And possibly… maybe… into achievement, growth, self-determination, clear self-expression, physical strength, deeper pleasure and authentic personal style.

It is about trying to change my entire life. I want to be vivid. I want to live a “vigorous life.” (Please see my “Oh- hello” page for more specific information about me.) In short, I am 41. I have many habits that inhibit me and many tightly held fears that keep me locked in a too small box. I want to break free and break out.

I am still figuring this out– as a result, my posts may vary widely in subject, tone and content.  Some may be light.  Some opinionated and passionate.  Some may attempt to give advice and some may be personal reflections. Today, February 11 2013, I am not sure how the content will evolve- like myself, it is still fuzzy.

I am interested in your stories of change, how you deal with your fears.  How you pursue your dreams in the face of obstacles- internal and external.  I want to know how you go down your own path even when it breaks convention or others expectations of you, or possibly even your own beliefs about yourself. I want to know how you ground yourself against so many easy distractions and intense societal pressure to maintain the status quo.

Don’t just be happy. Be vigorous.  Be Honest. Be fresh and intense.  Be Vivid.



1 of a color :  very strong :  very high in chroma

2 :  having the appearance of vigorous life or freshness :  lively <a vivid sketch>

3 :  producing a strong or clear impression on the senses :  sharp, intense; specifically :  producing distinct mental images <a vivid description>

4 :  acting clearly and vigorously <a vivid imagination>

viv·id·ly adverb

viv·id·ness noun

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